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Corporate And Business Flowers

Corporate Flowers

At Lehrer’s Flowers, we understand that Corporate Flowers need to make a statement that represents your business and brand. Whether it’s plants for your office space, floral designs for your hotel lobby or restaurant, or show-stopping arrangements for your next corporate event, Lehrer’s is here to deliver only the best blooms that will make your business look its best. Lehrer’s offers the option for custom standing orders delivered on a regular basis, or the convenience of as-needed online ordering through our lineup of exclusive floral designs. The Lehrer’s customer service team can provide valuable guidance on selecting the right flowers for your corporate needs, ensuring we execute your vision and meet your budget. For client, employee, or customer gifts that will make an impression, Lehrer’s will deliver every time. Call us at 303.455.1234 or fill out the questionnaire below to get started, and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you shortly.

Corporate Services

  • Regular Deliveries - Treat yourself to the convenience of weekly or monthly deliveries: office plants or flower arrangements brought to your business on whatever schedule you set.
  • Flexible Billing Options - Whether you prefer monthly statements, daily invoices, or a pay-as-you-go plan, we can accommodate your payment preferences with our house account billing options.
  • Corporate Events - Your next holiday party, office retreat, client presentation, or conference will enjoy an elevated atmosphere with the addition of tailor-made florals from Lehrer’s Flowers.
  • Office Plants - Green and blooming plants aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they also provide valuable air quality upgrades for your office space. We can help identify the perfect options for your corporate environment.
  • Client Orders - Enjoy weekly deals on farm-fresh flower arrangements in-store and online, or send a gift basket that’s been dressed to impress. We offer a stunning line of flower designs that can be sent to clients or customers anytime.

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